Jungle Friends!

Meet Bobo, Kipi and their lively and colourful friends!

BOBO & KIPI : Our Inseparable Friends!

Bobo and Kipi are inspired by real-life animals, the Bonobo (a chimp-like ape) and the Okapi (a member of the giraffe family). Both species are endangered and only live in certain regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo – truly the heart of Africa!

Bobo has a habit of getting into all sorts of sticky situations, dragging Kipi into the mess. His curiosity, irrepressible enthusiasm and love of bananas is often what launches the discovery of a special quality within – Even though at first you might think it’s not in his character!

The loyal Kipi is certainly as fun loving as Bobo, but in a more under-stated way. She is often the voice of reason and is also quicker to accept the advice of the audience at home when extra guidance is needed to get them out of a pickle.

THE NYONYOS : Troublemakers in Chief


Bobo and Kipi’s adventures are very often aggravated by the antics of the harebrained Nyonyos – two troublemakers inspired by the naturally ridiculous-looking African warthog. Gronyo and Tinyo are two gruff brutes who like to think of themselves as being pretty tough, but mostly, they are just simple-minded, and inside, they are really a couple of softies. Gronyo is definitely the Alpha male of the two, with Tinyo being a bit of a sycophantic sidekick.

LOKOLE : Jungle Beatmaker

No African Village would be complete without a drummer and Bobo and Kipi’s village has one in the character of Lokole. Despite her uncanny resemblance to a cricket – Lokole is in fact an expert player of the talking drum! She pops up just in time to get everyone in the mood for a song or to announce the beginning of story time.

MAMA ZUNGU : Magic Kettle

Every discovery that Bobo and Kipi make is rewarded by the grandmotherly attentions of Mama Zungu – a large, lyrical, talking cooking kettle. Mama Zungu is the African equivalent of a magic carpet, as she invites the audience with her signature verse: “Come with me now, jump into my pot. We’ll go on a journey and learn a lot”. At which point the kids get to see a live-action sequence, filmed on location in Africa, which reinforces the lesson learned.

PAPA ZETE : Rooted Storyteller

Is there any better way to wind down a bit after all the adventures than sitting back under a big mango tree and listen to its stories? Zete’s stories are colourfully illustrated accounts inspired by African myths and folk tales, and followed very closely by Bobo and Kipi.

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