The Concept

Empowering Children throughout the World

The show Bobo & Kipi aims to empower children of all backgrounds! As Bobo and Kipi tackle each adventure they discover simple ways to bring out the best in themselves. The young audience identifies with these lovable characters and through interaction, they get to learn important life lessons.

Each show is built around a ‘theme’ which constitutes an important aspect of the character development of the child and their relationship to society; tolerance, honesty, conflict resolution, courage and more…

Added to these themes are ‘issues’ related to good health, literacy, math, science, and environment protection.

Humour, songs, games and live-action sequences play equally important roles in the learning journey.

Bobo & Kipi, an educational TV show

TV is one of the most effective ways of reaching large numbers of kids in Africa. Research shows that educational TV shows like Bobo & Kipi:
→ Improve language ability
→ Improve math and science scores
→ Encourage the reading of books
→ Instill a higher motivation to succeed.

Video Gallery

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